Sciter Bootstrap let's you download a pre-made IDE project to jump start writing HTML code for making desktop apps based on Sciter engine. Essentially you get an IDE project with the Sciter library already configured, and all the necessary boilerplate code for initializing and showing a Sciter based window. You just need to press the Build / Run button to test your application.

The goal is to shorten the necessary steps to compile a Sciter app, which requires a lot of knowledge in how to setup the tools. Note that it generates a project for compiling native code for the given programming language and OS, that is, you have access to all source-code involved. Since Sciter is multi-platform, the goal for the future is, for the given programming language, generate a package with an IDE project for each platform, and a single source-code that supports all of them.


Sciter have bindings for some programming languages. Currently we support C++, C# and D bindings for Windows, using Visual Studio 2015, which you can download for free. See the Dev How-To for knowing the requirements of the generated package and usage instructions.