About templates

The build page lets you choose a HTML template to be included in the output .zip package. A template is a bunch of additional code, native libraries, HTML/CSS, which is added to the base project.

Templates focus is not restricted to HTML/CSS code for layouting, it also adds up native code (C#, C++, D) The real focus of templates shoud be providing the code necessary to solve problems which involves a mix of HTML and native programming, for example: threading, OS specific features, usage of C libraries. Since we are dealing with system programming, the choosen template might not support all OS plataforms.

If you want Sciter specific HTML/CSS components, you want to check the Sciter's SDK /samples folder where you find dozens of them.


You might want to contribute with your own template. There is no need to a template to support all of the programming language. You can just write it in the language/platform you know and publish it. Doing this, then others people can port your template to others languages and OS's, when feasible.

Available templates:

Multi-platform (C#, Windows, OSX and Linux/GTK+3)

C# code with the minimal for creating and running a Sciter window. The code is designed in a multi-platform way with #if/#endif's usage. The .sln contains a project for each platform, and works for Visual Studio and Xamarin/MonoDevelop.
For OSX/Linux/GTK, only the x64 build is available because Sciter x86 binary is not public for these platforms.
Xamarin/MonoDevelop version must be >= 5.10 for properly downloading SciterSharp NuGet (else you need to add it manually).

No template (all languages, Windows only)

This is the starter template if you want to develop just for Windows x86/x64 in any language (C#/C++/D). The minimal code for creating and running a Sciter window.

Webcam (C++ or C#, Windows only)

Uses Sciter video API to display your live webcam stream. To capture webcam image frames it uses a third library: OpenCV for C++ and AForge.NET for C#.

AeroTabs (C# or D, Windows only)

Drawing in the glass area using this component. Enables aero in the client using DwmExtendFrameIntoClientArea().

Non-client Renderer (C#, Windows only)

Create a window with the client area extended, so you can have custom title/menu as we see in browsers. Achieved by handling WM_NCCALCSIZE and proper handling of WM_NCHITTEST. Based in 'Custom Window Frame' method.

Desktop Gadgets (C#, Windows only)

Creates a Sciter window that behaves as Windows gadgets: a window that is always shown in the desktop, even when all windows are minimized. Works for Win7, 8 and 10. Requires Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 intalled, with 32/64bits version the same as the bitness of OS.