MI Software

MI Software in an one-man software house with offices in Caxias do Sul, Brazil. MI comes from the word ‘MIssion’, which is to succeed in making value by creating innovative products.

We are specialized in design of desktop and low-level software systems, mainly with Sciter technology for making modern HTML/CSS user interfaces.

We also offer consulting and design services in these areas. Check the services section to know about the technologies we have expertise. If you have an idea just drop us an e-mail, we will do the rest in the most effective way and with the best quality.

Founder of MI Software is Ramon F. Mendes. Ramon has a bachelor in Information Systems at University of Caxias do Sul. He started his career in the creative area, working with web design, and then evolved to work with a more hardcore area of control systems engineering while making C#/.NET systems to automate every kind of process. This was when he discovered his passion for the low-level world, working with C, C++ and D development.