Welcome to MI Software new website. We are a software house established in Caxias do Sul, Brazil. Our specialty is in design of desktop and low-level software systems, mainly with Sciter technology for making modern HTML/CSS user interfaces.

Our mascot

We have chosen a personage to better represent our ideals, and it is a dragon. No, not the one of the picture, we still need yet to get someone to draw a custom one. The dragon is inspired by the book 'Compilers: Principles, Techniques, and Tools', the Dragon Book. A metaphor for conquering complexity.

Our blogging goals

As programming and technology is our focus, we do want to be writing a lot of content, so expect weakly posts and news about the following topics:

  • software and tools written by us
  • Sciter technology: HTML/CSS, TIScript
  • system languages and native programming: C++ and D languages, and Win32 API
  • C# programming
  • compilers, parsers, grammars, ANTLR

We have deliberately chosen a site layout where the focus is the content, and so the blog appears right in the front page. We know how Facebook is killing the internet by making everyone readings to be at a single place. So please, make sure to save the internet by subscribing to our RSS feed.