OmniCode v2 is a new major version which comes with the new Library panel. You can download it here.

Library panel

This new panel is a central place for Sciter docs and samples:

It is deeply integrated with Intellisense F12 (Go To Definition) for showing documentation for known TIScript APIs and CSS properties.

It contains the following tabs:

  • Docs and Docs pages: documentation found in the Sciter's official SDK easily accessible
  • Docs extra: more documentation and utilities written by MI Software
  • LibConsole: API documentation for this TIScript library (more detaits to come..)
  • SDK Samples: offers an easy way to browse and search Sciter's SDK samples
  • Playground: let's you browser a collection of open-source Sciter samples crafted by MI Software

Visual Studio shortcut to open it: CTRL + E + H (for remembering, H means help).

This panel is also found in Omni, but was redesigned for better organization, so you may find it familiar. (Omni v2 is on the way with this new design).