OmniCode v1.2 update can be downloaded here.

Among the enhancements, a new feature is built-in Sciter Docs as a Visual Studio tool window.

Upcoming versions of OmniCode will be getting a new Sciter specific CSS editor, stay tuned.


  • New feature: HTML editor context menu has a 'View in Omni' item to open page inside Omni (if installed), shortcut is Ctrl + E + R
  • New feature: Sciter Docs tool window at Tools / Other Windows / Sciter Docs, shortcut is Ctrl + E + H
  • New feature: F12 in a TIScript API symbol open it's help content in Sciter Docs tool window
  • New handy feature: after auto-completing a method, i.e: view.close, you can press TAB and it will complete to view.close -> view.close() (see more about it)
  • Intellisense: many improvements in autocompletion from semantic analysis database
  • Intellisense: autocompletion is not triggered when current token is a string, stringizer param or a commentary
  • Updated type inference rules, see all rules
  • Multi-line comments /**/ with 3 lines or more are outline collapsible
  • Fix: Semantic analysis of recursive TIScript includes was causing infinite loop