Omni v1.4 update can be downloaded here.


  • New feature: text search for help content, in the Library Docs pages (F1), you can now press CTRL+F to search for text
  • TIScript Debugger implementation is now complete and stable (see the slides more info)
  • Fixed: auto-refresh feature was not working
  • DOM tab: display of DOM tree is 4x faster when loading the page
  • Console tab: Element links now show a 'inspect' button -
  • Network tab: table header is now fixed; righ-click menu with some usefull options
  • Data inspector: now shows complete member list for Element and Node instances
  • Configurations: you can associate Omni to open 'omni:' protocol (for opening Library pages)
  • Replaced the textures with some of the images from
  • Update to Sciter