Omni v2.2 brings an adition to the samples you find in the Playground: samples with native binaries behind them.

Until now, the Playground allowed only to view HTML/CSS/script based samples, which are download from the GitHub repo here.

Now, those samples can also download .NET assemblys with native code.

Before loading the samples HTML, I search for any .dll or .exe, and use C# reflection to find any SciterEventHandler derived class and register them as native-behaviors.

If you are concerned about security (I would too), plz, trust me because only native samples I created are published.

So, for example, the NativeOxyPlot sample from Playground uses OxyPlot C# library to render charts, where the real drawing is done using a Sciter native-behavior (as described in this post):

I have plans to make the entire Library a free standalone application (the window which you find in Omni and OmniCode and where Playground is located). Stay tunned!