OmniView is a free open-source VS extension for Sciter developers.

It provides the HTML editor an area where it shows a preview of your Sciter HTML page:

Download from VS Gallery for VS 2015.

Download from VS Gallery for VS 2017.

Download from VS Gallery for VS 2019.


This Visual Studio extension displays a margin at right of HTML editor with the rendering of the Sciter HTML page you are developing.

It's open-source and source-code demonstrates how you can incorporate a Sciter window inside Visual Studio as a VSIX extension; check it at GitHub.

Shortcuts / How to Use

  • CTRL + E + V: enable/disable the viewer margin
  • CTRL + E + B: enable/disable the console area


  • every time you save your file, viewer reloads the page/.html file
  • console area at the bottom of viewer shows Sciter output/error messages (like CSS warnings)
  • REPL prompt for inputing TIScript code
  • you must enable it in a per-file basis; to do it add the following line at the start of your HTML
<!-- OmniView:on -->
  • it is always ON for files named unittest.html
  • it set a omniview CSS media variable so you can use @media conditionals in your CSS:
@media omniview
    * { background: red; }