Sciter Bootstrap is an open-source initiative to provide an easy method for making desktops app for Sciter engine.

It let's you download a pre-made IDE project with the Sciter library already configured, and all the necessary boilerplate code for initializing and showing a Sciter based window. This way you can jump start writing the HTML code of your app, and don't bother with the necessary boring parts.

Note however that you still have access to all native code involved, it is not a binary distribution, so you have all the flexibility for messing with native source-code. Currently we have packages for C++ and D for Visual Studio.

So go and grab a package from the Download page and then make sure to read the Dev How-To.

Bonus: I am happy to announce that a binding for C# called SciterSharp in beeing worked by me, so Sciter Boostrap will receive a proper package for VS and C#; also expect a Bootstrap package for OSX in C++/XCode.

Bonus v2: You can now quickly post questions about Sciter or pertinent things in our new Sciter Shoutbox.