C# Sciter bindings

Today we are releasing SciterSharp, a .Net library with C# bindings for Sciter engine. It's a open-source project and is available at GitHub. You should install it via the official NuGet package.

Bootstrap your C# Sciter desktop app

For easily starting your .NET desktop app for Sciter check our Sciter Bootstrap on-line tool. It now features a C# package with SciterSharp already included as a NuGet reference. Also, there is a corresponding C# Webcam template which uses AForge.net to capture your webcam image frames.


I still have to create a bit of documentation with general instructions. For the minimal code for setuping a Sciter window/page you really want to download a C# package from Sciter Bootstrap and peek in the source-code.

Check the GitHub repo for more information about what is supported from Sciter API.