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'The Library' is a new free desktop app for Sciter developers. It is a collection of helpful content (like Sciter's SDK documentation), tooling, and HTML samples, making then easily accessible for your day-to-day Sciter related work.

It has the following tabs:

  • Docs and Docs pages: documentation found in the Sciter's official SDK
  • Docs extra: more documentation and utilities written by MI Software
  • LibConsole: API documentation for LibConsole TIScript library (MI Software made)
  • SDK Samples: offers an easy way to browse and search Sciter's SDK samples
  • Playground: let's you browser a collection of open-source Sciter samples crafted by MI Software
  • Fiddler: a simple HTML editor to quickly test pages

Note the recent addition: the Fiddler tab allows you to quickly test any HTML for Sciter. It is essentially a streamlined port of OmniFiddler.

PS.: if you are really enjoy this free tool, consider OmniCode which has this Library built-in, and additionally it offers great Visual Studio Intellisense integration.