Wednesday CODE will be a biweekly showcase of any Sciter HTML sample I end building up! It is not weekly because so I don't commit too much, but it might appear in a weekly basis, hopefully.

All HTML samples will be hosted at GitHub here:

It will be room for Sciter insights and technical explanations. I will probably add comments support to the site for you to easily make enquiries.

How to quickly view the HTML samples? Using OmniFiddler:

Download OmniFiddler

  • download it and extract somewhere
  • run it, of course
  • simply drag-n-drop any 'omnifiddler://' URL inside it to view the interactive Sciter page
  • in Omnifiddler, press the 'Run' button to actually execute the sample

URL of samples will look like this:

Drag-me to OmniFiddler

This way you can easily identify them and can simply drag it to inside OmniFiddler.

OmniFiddler let's you easily make changes to the HTML code and immediatly see the output.

So stay tuned and subscribe to this site RSS feed. See you next Wednesday.