We offer custom design service for the following specific tasks:

  • development of custom grammars, parsers and language analysers for DSLs using ANTLR with targets for JAVA, C#, Python or ECMAScript
  • development of custom Visual Studio extensions
  • design and development of C# ASP.NET MVC web systems
  • integration with Oracle and SQL Server databases
  • cross-platform desktop apps made with Sciter, HTML/CSS, C#, C++ or D language
  • Platform specific desktop development using, among other technologies:
    • Windows: Win32, WPF, Windows Forms, Services, UWP, CEF/Chromium
    • OSX: Cocoa, Mono, Swift
    • Linux: GTK+, Mono
  • custom solutions for interoping .NET with C/C++ (PInvoke, C++/CLI)

If you have an idea just drop us an e-mail, we will do the rest in the most effective way and with the best quality.