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5 years ago

Plenty of updates


OmniCode v1.8Download, Changelog

This is a major update for OmniCode with maaany improvements, and is already tested for VS 2015 Update 3. Among the new features, here are the highlights:

  • TIScript auto-completion now lists all available HTML elements IDs for self# statements:

  • Highlighting for strings that span multiple lines:

  • Added CTRL + E + G shortcut to, VS it opens your browser and searches any selected text in Google / GitHub, pretty handy

OmniViewmore info, source-code

I've made many improvements to this tool. One major one is that it nows recreates the child Sciter window whenever you edit your HTML (while same TIScript VM is preserved); previously, it was always the same HWND, so when you reloaded the page, event-handlers and popups could be kept 'alive'.

OmniFiddlermore info

  • Updated with fixes
  • Added a proper app icon:
  • Added a Recent File List to open recent shared Fiddles, so it allows you to edit then after closing the app:
5 years ago

Many updates


Omni v1.6Download, Changelog

Many improvements to the Library/Samples window so now you can navigate Sciter samples much easier.

OmniCode v1.6Download, Changelog

OmniCode is now adding Intellisense support based on your HTML code. It means that TIScript Intellisense now knows about your HTML DOM tree so, given a CSS selector in TIScript, you can find where lies the corresponding HTML piece (with F12/Go to Definition). I am just begging this support, so expect many features to be added.

Also, now the CSS editor features the standard colorpicker from VS:


OmniView v1.3more info

OmniView now supports VS2013. I did it because sometimes a bloated VS2015 instalattion, full of extensions, can be really slow, so I normally switch to VS2013 which is more lightweight.

5 years ago

OmniView update


I've updated the free open-source OmniView extension. Here is what changed:

  • console now has a REPL prompt
  • console now shows Sciter debug messages (ex.: CSS warnings when you write unrecognized syntax/values)
  • improved the visual/coloring of the console

Head to the VS Gallery to download it.

5 years ago



OmniView is a free open-source VS extension for Sciter developers.

It provides the HTML editor an area where it shows a preview of your Sciter HTML page:

Download from VS Gallery for VS 2015.

Download from VS Gallery for VS 2017.

Download from VS Gallery for VS 2019.


This Visual Studio extension displays a margin at right of HTML editor with the rendering of the Sciter HTML page you are developing.

It's open-source and source-code demonstrates how you can incorporate a Sciter window inside Visual Studio as a VSIX extension; check it at GitHub.

Shortcuts / How to Use

  • CTRL + E + V: enable/disable the viewer margin
  • CTRL + E + B: enable/disable the console area


  • every time you save your file, viewer reloads the page/.html file
  • console area at the bottom of viewer shows Sciter output/error messages (like CSS warnings)
  • REPL prompt for inputing TIScript code
  • you must enable it in a per-file basis; to do it add the following line at the start of your HTML
<!-- OmniView:on -->
  • it is always ON for files named unittest.html
  • it set a omniview CSS media variable so you can use @media conditionals in your CSS:
@media omniview
    * { background: red; }