Version Updates
  • Update to Sciter
  • Update to Sciter
  • Removed TheLibrary. You should download it as a separated app (it is free).
  • Update to Sciter
  • Made it DPI aware
  • Update to Sciter
  • Many bug fixes
  • Update to Sciter
  • Many bug fixes
  • Update to Sciter
  • Fixed an A/V in Chinese Windows
  • Fixed licensing issues for Chinese users
  • Update to Sciter
  • Minor fixes
  • New feature: Playground Fiddler
  • Fixed licensing issues for Chinese users
  • New feature: Playground now supports native samples, see the NativeOxyPlot sample
  • New feature: Omni now allows you to drag'n'drop file directly from Visual Studio Solution explorer
  • Playground: added many new samples
  • Playground: description now supports Markdown syntax
  • Update to Sciter
  • Fixed: data inspector
  • Update to Sciter
  • Entirely rewritten in C#, so now is portable to OSX
  • Library window: redesigned for better organization
  • Home screen: added the 'Links' area

  • New feature: Inspector / Console tab now has counters of warning and errors
  • New feature: Inspector / Computed / Evaluated props some underlining TIScript properties of the Element instance; offers also a + button to show the Data inspector for the element
  • Inspector / Network tab: added 'Clear list' option to the list menu
  • Fixed: opening .html files from command line; now current directory is set to the directory of requested file
  • Update to Sciter
  • New feature: right-clicking in Page view selects the DOM element below the mouse and shows the 'Quick tools' toolbar (if you end not handling right-click in your script)
  • New feature: Image data inspector; now opens a popup which displays the given Image parameter; same behavior happens in the Console tab when inspecting Image instances
  • New feature: in TIScript you can set Omni.dom_tree_enabled to false for disabling tree construction in the DOM tab when dealing with HTML pages with large DOM tree that slow down Omni
  • Library / Samples: proper previewer for images and source-code files (with syntax highlighted editor)
  • Library / Samples: new search UI which allows you to search for samples through filenames or file content
  • Library / Samples: tree also lists samples from the '/widgets' folder from SDK
  • Console lib: added console.timeTrace() and console.timeTraceEnd() APIs
  • Omni settings (settings-omni.json file) are now saved at 'C:/Users/USER-NAME/AppData/Roaming/'
  • Update to Sciter
  • Library / Docs: fixed wrong paths to Sciter docs pages
  • Library / wiki: replace by Library / Docs extra
  • OmniCode integration: in VS, when you press Ctrl + E + R, it opens the current .html document in Omni (with auto-refresh and always-on-top turned ON)
  • Front-page: a warning is now shown if a Omni version update is available for download
  • Front-page: added a small button for allowing switching the GFX backend
  • Fixed: Sciter debug messages from views other than main one where not being shown in the Console output
  • Update to Sciter
  • New feature: text search for help content, in the Library Docs pages (F1), you can now press CTRL+F to search for text
  • TIScript Debugger implementation is now complete and stable (see the slides more info)
  • Fixed: auto-refresh feature was not working
  • DOM tab: display of DOM tree is 4x faster when loading the page
  • Console tab: Element links now show a 'inspect' button -
  • Network tab: table header is now fixed; righ-click menu with some usefull options
  • Data inspector: now shows complete member list for Element and Node instances
  • Configurations: you can associate Omni to open 'omni:' protocol (for opening Library pages)
  • Replaced the textures with some of the images from
  • Update to Sciter

First public Omni release

  • New Library/Playground page
  • New Inspector/Network page
  • Library/Samples now has the following actions buttons: Edit file, Open containing folder, Show in page view
  • Library/Docs pages: added 'CSS transition()' page
  • now the console namespace is injected in the namespace of every view so you have access to functions like console.log() everywhere
  • trace() console window is recreated when page is reloaded
  • Through CSS, you can now detect if you are running the page inside Omni: the viewed page's root element receives the atributte "omni"
  • Through TIScript, you can now detect if you are running the page inside Omni: the property View.omni is setted to 'true'
  • Inspector DOM tree: nodes that are not CSS visible are shown grayed
  • Data popup: it now shows all properties of Element objects
  • Handling of internal DOM tree construction is 4x faster
  • Added CTRL + F5 keyboard shortcut: closes OMNI and opens it again with the current page loaded