Version Updates
  • CSS parser: added support for variables
  • TIScript parser: added support for 'event' functions
  • TIScript Database: added Process class
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Fixed licensing issue in China v2
  • New feature: Library Fiddler
  • Fixed licensing issue in China
  • New feature: Library / Playground - native loading of assemblys now working (as a beta test), see the NativeLoadDemo at Playground
  • Fixed locate Sciter SDK issue
  • Added 'clr' type convention -> TIScript inference for Color class, see type convention rules
  • Updated to Sciter
  • Fixed Library SDK Samples pane -> “Search for file content” option
  • Fixed a Intellisense crash when typing a comma
  • Fixed Library -> Intellisense integration
  • Updated to Sciter to fix some issues
  • New feature: new OmniCode Library pane - central place for Sciter documentation and samples
  • TIScript Intellisense: update to Sciter
  • TIScript Intellisense: F12 (Go To Definition) for works for CSS ids, example: (press F12 in overflow opens CSS documentation of overflow property)
  • New features for TIScript editor:
    • SciterSharp/C# integration: given a function call like `view.Host_Meow()`, when you press F12 in `Host_Meow` it searches for a SciterEventHandler derived C# class with the corresponding method that handle this script call
    • Added else + elseif snippets
  • New features for CSS editor:
    • Intellisense: added auto-completion list for easing functions available for the 'transition' property (see: SDK/samples/animations-transitions-css/easing-functions.htm)
  • Fixed JSON parsing problem in TIScript editor
  • Fixed: number of miscellaneous bugs fixed: 10
  • New features for CSS editor:
    • Supports GoToDefinition (F12) for CSS property names, it will open the documentation of the given property (Sciter CSS properties map from SDK)
    • Supports GoToDefinition (F12) for CSS constants, e.g: @MY_CONSTANT
    • Added snippets for @media and @font-face declarations (note that you must install the snippets package which also includes TIScript snippets)
    • The auto-completion of CSS property names/values is now 100% based on Sciter source-code
  • New features for TIScript editor:
    • Full-featured Intellisense support for the new TIScript promise API introduced in Sciter; added 'prom' identifier as type inference to a 'promise'
    • Auto-completion list for self# - shows a list of all available HTML elements IDs
    • Added type inference rule for RegExp, see all rules
    • Now correctly lex strings that span multiple lines, so you get nice syntax highlighting, see:
  • New features for HTML editor:
    • Any DOM node with the .outline class will be automatically collapsed/outlined when the HTML editor is open
  • New feature: Added CTRL + E + G shortcut to VS; it opens your browser and searches any selected text in Google / GitHub, pretty handy

  • Tested in Visual Studio 2015 update 3
  • Snippets: breaking change - all snippets are now organized in a single directory 'OmniCode'; you need to reinstall snippets by following the instructions in it's repository
  • Snippets: added 'msgprompt', 'property', 'uproperty' and 'ste' TIScript snippets
  • Fixed: was missing the standard 'Surround with..' snippet support of VS, works now; select some code and press CTRL + K, CTRL + S
  • Fixed: drag-n-drop of .css files into the CSS editor now are correctly translated into @import url(..)
  • Fixed: issues with the CSS colorpicker
  • Fixed: many, many Intellisense fixes
  • New feature: as an improvement from v1.6, Go to Definition (F12) search for HTML elements works for these kinds of TIScript statement:
    • self#myElementID
    • $(#myElementID) or $p(div.theClass) - that is, CSS selector as stringizer param
  • New feature: Better yet, it now also works for CSS selector in CSS editor. So for example, place the cursor (shown as '|') in a CSS selector like #|myElementID { color: blue; }, and then hit F12, it will search in your HTML files for an element with ID == 'myElementID'; note that it might not work for complex CSS selector cause this feature is still experimental
  • CSS editor: added auto-completion list for 'font-family' property where it lists the system installed fonts
  • Fixed indentation for snippets expansion
  • New feature: Collapse to defitions support (CTRL + M + O) - collapses/outlines functions and closures (namespace and classes regions are kept visible); this is pretty handy for viewing a collapsed form of files with a lot of TIScript code
  • New feature: Go to Definition (F12) for TIScript statements like self#myElementID will now search your HTML for an element with ID == 'myElementID', that is, you can now navigate CSS selectors in TIScript code to where the corresponding HTML is defined; for now it only works for ID attribute, but this feature will eventually be improved
  • New feature: CSS editor now features the standard Visual Studio color picker:
  • Added __FILE__ and __LINE__ and __TRACE__ as Intellisense keywords
  • Fixed: Go to Definition wasn't properly working for user defined symbols
  • Fixed: Signature help issues
  • Fixed: Licensing issues
  • Minor Intellisense fixes
  • New feature: TIScript Semantic Analysis engine now attains the following user declared names
    • user defined namespaces
    • user defined classes
    • class variables
    • class consts
    • class properties
    • class functions
  • New feature: added path auto-completion to include/import statements, that is, helps you search in file-system what you want to import
  • Intellisense: made extensive improvements in the autocompletion suggestions since it now uses a FuzzyString matching algorithm
  • Updated TIScript API database to Sciter
  • Updated TIScript type inference rules, see all rules
  • Fixed: 'Compare with Unmodified..' Visual Studio command for version controlled files was causing a exception
  • New features for CSS editor:
    • Auto-completion hints for property values: for some CSS properties it now suggests the values, for example, for 'background' property it suggests 'linear-gradient(45deg, red, yellow)'
    • Auto-completion for behavior names: "sticky-scroll", "clickable", "htmlarea", "column-resizer", "form", "hyperlink", "switch", and the official ones
    • Auto-completion for @statements: @import, @include, @image-map, @media, @const, @mixin, @set, @font-face
    • Auto-completion for CSS properties that require an URL now offers a 'url()' option + path auto-completion helper
    • Fixed general crashes on the editor lexing
    • Fixed general issues on auto-completions
  • New features for TIScript editor:
    • Auto-completion list for Element CSS style-bag: typing '$(body).style#back', it will offer all CSS properties starting with 'back' like 'background-image'
    • 'await' and 'yield' support in lexing/parsing
  • New feature: CSS editor for Sciter specific syntax/properties map:
    • You must enable it in a per-solution basis (else it would replace standard CSS editor for all .css files which you open in VS); to do it, rigth-click the Solution item in Solution Explorer, and click 'Enable OmniCode settings'
    • CSS editor works for .css files, <style> tags, and style="" attributes
    • Auto-completion: selector HTML tags and :state, property names, property values, defined @consts names, media types for media conditions -> internal database of all Sciter specific CSS map
    • Identify with red squiggles unknown Sciter CSS propeties (error tagger)
    • F12/Go to Definition support for 'url(folder/file.ext)' expressions
    • Syntax highlighting
    • Comment/uncomment selection
    • Smart indent
    • Brace pair completion
  • New feature: in C++, D or C# editors, when you press F12 (Go to Definition) in a string literal, it will search for a declared TIScript function with the given name in your script source code, and if found, will open the file locating its definition
  • Snippets expansion now sets the correct line indentation for every line of the snippet (NOTE: you need to reinstall snippets from GitHub repo)
  • New feature: HTML editor context menu has a 'View in Omni' item to open page inside Omni (if installed), shortcut is Ctrl + E + R
  • New feature: Sciter Docs tool window at Tools / Other Windows / Sciter Docs, shortcut is Ctrl + E + H
  • New feature: F12 in a TIScript API symbol open it's help content in Sciter Docs tool window
  • New handy feature: after auto-completing a method, i.e: view.close, you can press TAB and it will complete to view.close -> view.close() (see more about it)
  • Intellisense: many improvements in autocompletion from semantic analysis database
  • Intellisense: autocompletion is not triggered when current token is a string, stringizer param or a commentary
  • Updated type inference rules, see all rules
  • Multi-line comments /**/ with 3 lines or more are outline collapsible
  • Fix: Semantic analysis of recursive TIScript includes was causing infinite loop
  • New feature: Semantic analysis engine
  • New feature: QuickInfo shows Intellisense tooltips when you hover the mouse over an identifier
  • Autocomplete now offers some of the TIScript keywords
  • Many improvements for autocompletion and signature help
  • Added aditional name conventions for type inference, see complete list

First public OmniCode release